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proudly serving the greater Chicagoland area since 1880
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         Burial Vaults

                   Premium Protection

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                   Outer Burial Container

                   Loved & Cherished (Child casket/vault)

                   Burial Vault Personalization




                   Artistic Collection

                   Hardwood Collection

                   Contemporary Collection

                   Bronze Collection


              Urn Vaults

              Urn Vault Personalization



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Funeral Director Website Resource (copy and paste)


1) Video Library links


Marketing Material


An Educated Selection


Value of a Committal Service

Why families choose a burial vault

Selecting a Burial Vault

Cremation: Final Placement Choices

Cremation: Service Options



2)Burial Vault Images 


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         Products and Service

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                           Chicago Hospitals

                           Cemeteries in Chicago and Metro areas

                           Chicago Metro Area Hospitals

                           Departments of Public Health

                           Burial Permits - Directory of Local Registrars

                           Important Telephone Numbers


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