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 Roundtable - Vaults article by Patti Martin Bartsche

Wayne Stellmach's article in the winter issue of The Southern Funeral Direct Alliance magazine explains the use of video in the selection process and the benefits derived.  He concludes by establishing the "E's" of Video which is the power of video:
  Engages the family through motion, images color and sound
  Empowers the family to create a fuller experience
  Enlightens an provides ideas and possibilities
  Eases the presentation and discussion of burial vaults
  Elevates the choices made by the family
  Enhances and supports the expertise of the funeral professional
  Educates completely, consistently and compellingly
Please consult your Sales Representative for additional information.
Certain videos are contained in your display animation unit intended to inform the user of features, options, benefits and reasons for selecting a burial vault.
These videos can be used in a loop to display in your funeral home.
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