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Wilbert feels great pride and privilege in helping to honor and celebrate the noble veterans who have bravely served our country.
Because all American veterans deserve a hero’s tribute, Wilbert provides burial vaults, urn vaults, and urns designed exclusively for them. Prominent personalization options further distinguish a special life to which a nation owes its gratitude. 
The basic Military Funeral Honors (MFH) ceremony consists of the folding and presentation of the Unites stated flag to the veterans’ family and the playing of Taps. The ceremony is performed by the funeral honors detail consisting of at least two members of the Armed Forces.
The Funeral Honors rendered to you or your veteran will be determined by the status of the veteran. They type of Funeral Honors may be Full Military Honors, 7 Persons Detail or a Standard Honor Team Detail.
At least one of the funeral honors detail will be from the Armed Forces in which the deceased veteran served. Taps may be played by a bugler or, if a bugler is not available, by using a quality recorded version. Military Funeral Honor Teams may act as Pall Bearers if requested by the veteran/family.
To obtain funeral honors as a veteran or a family member of a veteran, you must have a copy of the Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, Department of Defense Form 214 (discharge paperwork). This documentation should be given to the funeral home you have selected. The funeral home will contact the Casualty Area Command (CAC) (1-800-350-7746) that handles your state. The CAC will then locate a Funeral Honors Team in your area to cover your veteran’s funeral.

Full Military Honors Detail Reserved for:
Service Member Killed in Action (KIA)
Medal of Honor Recipient
General Officers

Enlisted Pay Grade E9 Consists of:
   Team of 16-21 soldiers
   3 volley of rifle fire
   Playing of taps
   Fold and present American Flag

Seven Person Detail Reserved for:
Retired Service Members

Active Duty National Guard/Reserve not KIA Consists of:
   Team of 7 soldiers
   3 volleys of rifle fire
   Playing of taps
   Fold and present American Flag

Standard Honors Team Detail Reserved for:
Veterans with Honorable Discharge or Discharge from Active Duty
Consists of:
   Team of 2-3 soldiers
   Playing of Taps
   Fold and present American Flag


World War II Memorial
As part of our continual commitment of service to our community, and as a token of our appreciation, Wilbert has made a contribution to the National World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Located on the National Mall at the east end of the Reflecting Pool, the Memorial honors the American Veterans and citizens who responded to our country's call to arms and national unity in 1941.

By law, the Memorial's construction and maintenance must be funded by private contributions. A nationwide fundraising effort chaired by former U.S. Senator Bob Dole was dedicated to raising $100 million for the project.

We are proud to be the exclusive burial vault and urn company to officially partner with the National World War II Memorial Campaign.

For more information about the National World War II Memorial, please visit


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