Wilbert's simpliFi program makes the outer burial container presentation simple for funeral professionals to present...and simple for families to understand.

An improved sales mix has also been experienced by funeral homes using the simpliFi presentation method. Why? Because families who better understand the differences between unlined graveboxes and lined burial vaults will more often select burial vaults over unlined OBCs. Families also learn how they can use the burial vault to create a treasured tribute to their loved one and are more apt to choose personalization along with graveside services.


simpliFi™ Is Improving the Sales Mix.

In late 2018 we conducted a pilot test utilizing simpliFi with 25 funeral homes who agreed to make their family arrangement presentations as outlined in Wilbert's simpliFi system.  Those results in just a 60-day test produced a 7% sales mix improvement!

Since the official launch of simpliFi, the Wilbert Stores have been on an aggressive campaign to introduce simpliFi to a broader audience of funeral homes.  The results with this expanded group of simpliFi adopters is likewise producing impressive marks with an estimated annualized 6.6% sales mix improvement being reported across Wilbert Store accounts who have been using the simpliFi presentation method since 2Q19.

By taking the average sales ratio of 58% lined/42% unlined units by Licensees in attendance at the 2019 Sales Meeting, a 7% sales mix improvement would move that lined unit percentage to 65%.

Market conditions and customers can benefit from simpliFi.

Please contact your American Wilbert customer service representative for additional information and program presentation.